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I'm Davina. I am glad you have found me here.

I am a qualified, therapeutic counsellor with over a decade of experience working with adults and young people.  I have a strong, professional foundation in person-centred theory, am trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and my Master's qualification is in Existential Psychotherapy Studies (MSc).  

I can't tell you exactly what counselling will be like because it is going to be about you and what you need it to be.  I can tell you that we will start where you are. At the moment, that might be something like feeling anxious, alone, stuck or depressed.

Counselling means having real, deep conversations that will help you to work out your stuff* even if you've been avoiding or hiding it. We will work through struggles, figure out how to cope with difficulties so you can find your way towards new perspectives and ways of being that feel good to you. 

* issues I work a lot with include depression, anxiety, trauma, self-harm, relationship and family difficulties, life changes and identity.  Basically our messy, complicated, emotional lives and our hopes to change, grow, to be positive and true.

My quiet, private counselling room is in Prestwood  (Great Missenden) and I also work online. 

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When I work with you, you'll have a safe space and you won't be judged.  This will be a relationship from where you can reflect and deepen your understanding of yourself and the things that have happened to you, or are happening to you now. 


You may need to untangle past experiences, which can be complex and painful. Together, we can understand how you have been affected and from there you can find growth (usually lurking just beyond a comfort zone). 

I have considerable experience working with men, as well as women, especially during times of acute stress. I am able to bring different therapeutic approaches together, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Existential Theory and using creative arts to help to reflect, process and move forward.

My practice is person-centred and trauma-informed, meaning that I will help you to understand the many and varied behavioural reactions, emotional responses, coping strategies and distress that may have come from trauma and traumatic situations. 


I give teenagers and young adults a confidential space to explore difficult aspects of life and self. From within a trusting relationship, we consider thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are causing distress and find ways to cope with and recover from difficulties. Often our work together is focussed on how to thrive, amid challenges and change.

The type of work I do with young people includes

- educational transitions, challenges and setbacks 

- anxiety, depression, self-harming behaviours and suicidal ideations

- coping with changes in the family (e.g. separation and divorce)

- self-esteem, identity and relationship difficulties (including loneliness and bullying)

I appreciate the delicacy in giving my clients a confidential space and also giving parents and family members confidence in the counselling process; I'll work hard to get this right for you both.

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Prestwood, High Wycombe HP16 9BS

07887 750089

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