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(Thanks to Brooke Cagle on Unsplash for succulent photograph. All other photos are Davina's) 

Updated 18th March:


To my clients, 

It is really important to me that you are able to make the decisions you need to, for yourself and your loved ones and to still access the support you need during this uncertain period of time. 

I am monitoring my own health and currently neither myself or anyone in my household has any symptoms of coronavirus. I aim to continue working face-to-face while this is the case, however online sessions are also available, so if you need that alternative, please just ask.


I have made some adjustments in the counselling room itself to reduce any shared contact with surfaces (e.g. arm covers over the chairs that are changed for each client) and there individual towels in the toilet as well. Our chairs are several feet away from another and it is rare that we have physical contact with one another. 

If I need to implement physical distancing at any point, I will still be available for online sessions. I appreciate that situations can change quickly so if you do need to cancel sessions there won't be any cancellation fees.  

Finally, as always, I take confidentiality very seriously. If I were to contract coronavirus and the NHS required contact testing, for the interests of public health I may need to share with the NHS your name and contact details but not the context in which I know you.  

If you have any concerns or questions, please do talk to me.