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Updated 23rd March

To my clients, 

Following the Prime Minister's address this evening and after taking best practice advice I've made the decision to discontinue face-to-face counselling sessions at this time.


We get to try something new!


Your mental health is so important (especially at the moment!), I hope we can try out adjustments to see what counselling support can look like over the coming weeks.

I am able to offer counselling sessions via Zoom (a free, secure video conferencing app) or by telephone contact (me phoning you). I have been working with a number of clients online for many months now and it does work (with an occasional, technical glitch).

As per my previous information, ​I appreciate that situations can change quickly so if you do need to cancel sessions there won't be any cancellation fees.  

Finally, as always, I take confidentiality very seriously. If I were to contract coronavirus and the NHS required contact testing, for the interests of public health I may need to share with the NHS your name and contact details but not the context in which I know you.  

If you have any concerns or questions, please do talk to me.


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